SharpEye RAT Trojan Removal Guide — Restore Your PC From Infections

SharpEye RAT Trojan Removal Guide — Restore Your PC From Infections

This article has been created in order to explain what is the SharpEye RAT Trojan and how to remove this malware completely from your computer.

The SharpEye RAT Trojan is a newly discovered dangerous Trojan that infects computers and can manipulate the system configuration. It contains advanced functionality which allows hackers to easily take over control of the machines. Our removal guide features a detailed explanation of the Trojan’s mechanisms of operation, as well as instructions on restoring the infected computers from the infections.

Threat Summary

NameSharpEye RAT Trojan
TypeTrojan Horse Virus
Short DescriptionSilently infects the target machines and modifies key applications and system services.
SymptomsThe user may not experience any signs of infiltration.
Distribution MethodMalicious web links, Malicious Files, Malicious E-Mails
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A new malware has been developed and shared on various online communities called the SharpEye RAT Trojan. It still in development and its current version is 1.0. The developers have left a contact email address hosted on a popular email host, apparently they are awaiting feedback in order to improve the code of the threat. The RAT samples can infect the target users via different strategies. The most widely used ones involve the coordination of phishing and social engineering strategies. They aim to manipulate the victims into thinking that they are receiving a message or notification from a well-known company. Identical-looking landing pages and download portals are also often created by the hackers. The main method of choice is the sending out of email messages and hosting such sites on domain that sound like the companies that are impersonated. The virus files can be either linked or directly attached.

The virus can contain only the relevant malware code or it can be integrated into payload carriers. An example carrier is the malware setup installers — the criminals will take the original setup files of popular software and include the relevant virus in them. The other common type is the creation of macro-infected documents — they can be of all popular file formats: presentations, text documents, databases and spreadsheets. These files may be uploaded to various file-sharing networks which are often used to spread both legal and pirate files. In large-scale attack campaigns The SharpEye RAT Trojan can also be integrated in what are called browser hijackers. These are malware-containing plugins made for most of the popular web browsers. They are often spread on the relevant repositories with fake user reviews and counterfeit developer credentials.

As soon as the SharpEye RAT Trojan infects a given computer it will start its built-in sequence which can be tweaked and modified by the hackers. By definition malware of this category is designed to stay hidden from the computer owners and not raise any alarms that it has infected the target computer. In future versions advanced techniques can be used including the modification of the master boot record and the reconfiguration of certain system configuration files. Such malware are also often combined with other threats — they aim to serve other viruses by first infecting the target computer and setting it up accordingly for a secondary infection.

The SharpEye RAT Trojan upon infection will reconfigure the system so that it will acquire administrative privileges which will allow it to take over full control of the computer. This allows it to be used as means of providing information gathering of both private data and machine metrics. This is used to perform various identity and financial crimes. Trojans will often look for stored information regarding payment cards, online banking services and etc. Alternative use of the threat will be to spy on the users by activating the webcam and recording audio and video. It may also take screenshots at certain periods and also record keystrokes and mouse movement. All of this information can be transmitted to the hackers in real-time.

To make it more difficult to recover infected computers the main engine can delete files, backups and format whole drives. Future versions might also delete shadow volume copies and the master boot record or access network shares and removable storage devices.

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Remove SharpEye RAT Effectively from Windows

In order to fully get rid of this Trojan, we advise you to follow the removal instructions underneath this article. They are made so that they help you to isolate and then delete the SharpEye RAT Trojan either manually or automatically. If manual removal represents difficulty for you, experts always advise to perform the removal automatically by running an anti-malware scan via specific software on your PC. Such anti-malware program aims to make sure that the SharpEye RAT is fully gone and your Windows OS stays safe against any future malware infections.


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