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Stellar Wipe Mac Review (Updated)

Stellar Data Recovery Inc. is the type of company which is focused on providing the best file management technologies out there and their program, called Stellar Wipe Mac is a proof of that. The software claims to contain powerful data wiping algorithms that ensure the permanent erasing of information that cannot be recovered with any data recovery software. We have decided to review Stellar Wipe Mac to see what type of features it has and if the software is as effective as claimed.

App Profile

Name Stellar Wipe Mac
Type Data Wiping Software
Developer Stellar Information Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Direct Download


Stellar Wipe Mac

Operating System MacOS
License Price $39 for the SOHO license, $109 for the Platinum license.
User Experience Discuss Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery in Our Forum

Stellar Wipe Mac – Main Features

The Stellar Wipe Mac is a software that is not your average file delete tool for Macs. The program aims to come embedded with multiple different features as well. Below, you will see each of the key features that belong to Stellar Wipe Mac.

Hard Drive Wiping Feature

The main eraser feature that aims to help you wipe you entire hard drive at a click of a button. The software includes powerful wiping algorithms that are designed to erase data stored in the sectors of your hard-drive, making recovery impossible.

File and Folder Wiping Feature

The program can also focus on deleting specific files and folders you do not want to see again on your device. This feature is particularly useful if you do not want to wipe the whole drive because of several sensitive files on your Mac.

Wiping Internet Browsing Data

This interesting wiping information, you can erase any sensitive Internet browsing data that is stored as temporary interned files, cookies, flash information, session data, bookmarks data and other details. It can wipe data not only from Safari, but includes a variety of web browsers and other programs that use embedded browsing as well, like Camino, Omniweb, iCab, navigator and other applications and extensions. This is particuarly useful If you want to erase any browsing history or login details and tracked data as well as details about last visited sites.

Wiping Free Space

The beauty of Stellar Wipe Mac is also that this program is completely capable of also wiping data from the paces where you have deleted files in the past. This significantly minimizes any chances of data being recovered on your Mac, even by experts.

Wiping System Traces

The Stellar Wipe Mac software does not just stop in wiping unwanted traces, eating up hard drive space, but the software may also contain critical information to be wiped. It aims to erase all of your system entries as well as log files, made on your operating system.

File History Wipe

When the Stellar Wipe Mac is ran, the software can also protect your privacy by performing a complete deletion of all of the log files and saved checkpoints of the information that is stored by different applications. The software aims to delete opened histories from different apps, like Finder, Disk Utility, All Apps, iPhoto, iTunes, Quick Time, Finder, VLC Player and even many other third-party application as we have seen it doing.

Messaging Data Wipe

With the Stellar Wipe Mac you also get a utility, called message wipe, which scans you chat messengers and deletes al data stored In relation to them. And by that data we mean login information, messages, media files sent and received and other similar data.

Advanced Scheduling

Stellar Wipe Mac also includes advanced scheduling options, the main idea of which is to give a user friendly way to wipe the system automatically using one of it’s advanced DoD wiping algorithms.

Easy and User-Friendy UI

The user interface of the program is also designed In a manner that does not save you any of it’s advanced features, but hides them behind buttons that are very simple to navigate, making it easy to find a folder, schedule tasks and choose what exactly you want this powerful program to do.

Multiple Drive Wipe

Another useful feature of this app is to wipe several drives at ones. This feature is designed with the main idea behind it to save you a lot of time. This will effectively enable you to wipe several drives with the same settings.

What We Like

  • Light and easy-to-use interface.
  • Packed full of useful data wipe features.
  • Advanced scheduling.

What Is Missing

  • Could include a more advanced evaluation trial for the price it’s worth.


To best put it, Stellar Wipe Mac is one of the best programs in the data wiping trade, including advanced set of DoD standard wiping algorithms. What differs this program to the average data wiping software is the way it’s user interface is made to accommodate specific user requirements, according to the situation.

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