Valhalla Miner Virus — How to Detect and Remove It from Your Computer

Valhalla Miner Virus — How to Detect and Remove It from Your Computer

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This blog post has been created to explain what is Valhalla Miner cryptocurrency miner and show how to remove it from your computer plus protect your PC against future infections as well.

The Valhalla Miner is a new hacker tools that allows criminals to infect victim computers with dangerous cryptocurrency miners. It features a very advanced feature set and is rated as a critical threat due to its deep infection capabilities. Continue reading our in-depth removal guide to learn more about it and remove found strains.

Threat Summary

NameValhalla Miner
TypeCryptoCurrency Miner Malware
Short DescriptionAims to mine for different cryptocurrencies on the victim’s computer after which may begin to
SymptomsThe Valhalla Miner miner may begin to slow down your computer by using over 90% of both your CPU and GPU. This may result in your cooling fans to work at higher speeds.
Distribution MethodVia bundled installers, fake setups or via other PUP that has already been installed on your PC.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Valhalla Miner


Malware Removal Tool

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss Valhalla Miner.

Valhalla Miner Virus – Distribution Methods

The Valhalla Miner samples can be distributed in numerous ways. At the moment none of the usual methods have been detected as particularly high-impacting ones. The computer criminals can use any of them to cause infections.

The hackers can utilize email messages that are made using templates. Usually a social engineering element is used in order to coerce the victims into interacting with the samples. There are several ways that the messages can be made. Some of them can include hyperlinks that are disguised as useful links. In other cases file attachments are directly embedded in the email messages.

Lately the distribution of malware software installers through email messages has risen. The criminals acquire the setup files from the official sources and are modified to include the malware Valhalla miner code. In a similar way malware documents are crafted. They represent hacker-modified files that when opened showcase a notification prompt. It asks the users to enable the built-in macros (scripts), if they are executed the virus is downloaded from a remote server and executed. Usually such instances come under the form of rich text documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Many hacker attacks are automated through exploit kits. They test the target systems for outdated software and use exploit code against the found vulnerabilities. Such intrusions can only be prevented by always keeping the user software and operating system updated. In the case of “zero-day” exploits where patched and secured systems get hacked the only way to protect the hosts is to employ an advanced anti-spyware solution.

Cryptocurrency miners like Valhalla can also be distributed using other malware as a secondary payload.

Valhalla Miner Malware – Malicious Activity

The Valhalla Miner is currently being advertised as up for sale on several underground hacker markets. The buyers can customize their strains by using an automated builder. This is done by connecting to a hacker-controlled bot over the Telegram messenger service. The hacker operators can be contacted a Jabber profile.

The builder allows the hackers to customize many aspects of the final payload. It is made using the .NET 4.0 framework and as such is compatible with all contemporary versions of Microsoft Windows.

The operators can opt to include a stealth protection feature that can safeguard the virus sample from anti-virus software and related applications. Usually this includes sandboxes, debugging environments and virtual machines. If such are found they can be bypassed or deleted. A proper configuration can allow the virus sample to delete itself if this cannot be done to avoid detection.

Another useful trick that can be enabled is the fake executing error message. This is a pop-up that appears when the main payload is delivered as an executable file. If the victims attempt to open it up they would get an error. Usually this would mean that the files have failed to execute, however in reality it is quite the opposite. The malware engine merely pretends to be faulty however in the mean time it is able to hook up to different processes.

In a similar way it is able to infect both user applications and system services. The stealth protection mechanisms are noteworthy for having the following options available:

  • Task Manager Evasion — Every time the task manager is started the mining process is paused. This prevents the users from seeing any resource usage spikes that occur when the malware is actively running.
  • Game Mode Option — Another feature that can be implemented in the final samples is the “game mode”. It automatically stops mining when a game is launched.
  • Cryptocurrency and Pool Customization — All mineable currencies can be used by the Valhalla Miner. Public or private pools can be hard-bundled into the malware code.
  • Quick Removal — At any time the hacker operators can remotely delete the virus samples.

Other malware actions that can follow the Valhalla Miner virus infections include the information gathering phase. It is able to extract all types of sensitive data from the compromised computers. There two main types categories — anonymous metrics and personally-identifiable data. The first one refers to information that is used for statistical purposes by the hackers — hardware, operating system and certain infection conditions. The second type refers to data that can directly expose the identity of the victims: their names, addresses, phone numbers, personal preferences, interests and etc.

The builder itself and its associated victim tracking can show the geolocation, current IP address and detailed operating system information. This information may be used by the criminals in order to connect the victims to a nearby mining pool. The choice of crypto currency is also interactive, the most profitable ones can be switched to using a simple reconfiguration of the malware.

We have followed the actual trades on the underground markets. Several individual hackers have already purchased their licenses and are planning malware attacks. We expect an incoming hacker campaign soon.

Remove Valhalla Miner Virus and Protect Your PC

Q: How Do I Remove Valhalla Miner and How Do I Protect Myself In the Future?

A: In order to remove the Valhalla Miner miner, you should first stop the malicious processes of the malware by entering Windows Task Manager and stopping the malicious task by right-clicking on the Valhalla Miner process and clicking on End Process or End Process tree. This results in the virus stopping to mine. After doing so, you may want to remove the malware preferably by following the automatic or manual removal instructions below, if you have removed malware manually and have the experience. Be advised that security experts strongly recommend to remove the Valhalla Miner miner malware automatically by downloading an advanced anti-malware software, that aims to scan for and erase all malware from your system plus protect it against future infections as well.


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