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This category presents detailed illustrated software reviews. Each program is thoroughly examined and evaluated by our team of professionals. Here you can make an informed decision when choosing software that could secure your Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, or Android device and enhance its optimal operation. You can also find reviews of other useful tools that will help you solve daily problems with your devices or simply improve your experience.


BullGuard Internet Security and Antivirus Software Review

Started in the year 2002, BullGuard has been steadily developing, and many users are relying on the program to protect them from malware. We have decided to make a review of the program to see what can it provide in…


Microsoft Edge Browser Software Review – Is It Good

With the release of the latest Windows OS – Windows 10, comes a new web browser, Microsoft Edge. The web browser has a very thought-out design that is compatible with touch screen devices. It is simplified and opens pages quite…

Driver-booster-profile image

Driver Booster 3.2 Software Review

There is one thing that users prefer to avoid and that is updating software. Whether it is Windows Updates or anything else, most users would prefer to avoid updates by completely disabling them or letting them update automatically. However, you…


SOS Online Backup Software Review

With the ever increasing usage of technology in different businesses, the risk of data loss is also rapidly growing. One of the factors influencing this is the consistent increase in malware infections on a global scale. Sometimes even the systems…


Esupport UndeletePlus 3 Software Review

eSupport UndeletePlus is a program focused on data recovery. It could be a fairly useful tool against cyber threats that delete files or encrypt them, such as ransomware. Let’s outline eSupport UndeletePlus’ pros and cons and see if the program…


Windows Update MiniTool Software Review

The MiniTool, created by the developer, named “stupid user” from turned out to be very useful for many users. This is why we have decided to make a simple review of what the light and easy to work with…


Batch TIFF Resizer 3 Detailed Review

A new program that is made to convert, merge and change the size of a single and several TIFF files to PDF, JPG or PNG is the topic of today’s software review. The resizer can drastically reduce the size of…


The Best Antivirus Program for Win10 Corporate Users Is…

Even though Windows 10 is equipped with Windows Defender which is also patched regularly, no one is secure enough against malware intrusions. That is why experts often recommend combining two different protection solutions. Plus, security researchers often conduct tests in…


F-Secure Anti-Virus Review

F-Secure is a proven leader and offers one of the best antivirus solutions on the market. Its software is licensed for the price of 39.99€ per year and operates actively at all times. It is also capable of discovering all…


Windows Care Genius Review

Windows Care Genius is a PC Optimizer tool. It aims to boost your overall computer speed by optimizing the Windows Registry, cleaning junk files, defragging disks and registry. N.B. The following article is a review of the Windows Care Genius…


SentinelOne Products to Restore Files Encrypted by Ransomware

Аs we have said many times, encryption by ransomware is one of the top threats out there. SentinelOne may not be the only security firm trying to defeat criminally encrypted data but they are likely the first ones to release…


How to Install new Memory to Your Machine

RAM memory or also referred to as main memory is used by a computer to store data for processing by a computer’s processor. In other words, the more RAM you have the more programs you can run simultaneously without slowing…


Windows 10 – the Most Frequent Errors

When using an operating system it is next to impossible not to encounter some type of error. This article contains the most frequent Windows 10 errors and how to fix them. Even though Windows 10 is already officially released, the…


Windows 10 Keylogger is Still An Active Feature

Microsoft has left in Windows 10 the keylogger from its “Technical Preview” versions, even after the official release of the operating system in July. It was previously stated by Microsoft that they may collect data from everything you say, type…


Windows 10 Manual. Advanced Startup Recovery Options

Many businesses already began adopting Windows 10 in their work environment. When the free upgrade from Windows 8, 8.1 and 7 has been made available, Win10 is about to become widely used in personal computers. That is why we decided…

Legitimate Applications for Windows OS Can Be Replaced By Rogue Ones

Legitimate Applications for Windows OS Can Be Replaced By Rogue Ones

The developers in the mobile phone industry have figured out an easy strategy to replace a legit Windows Phone application with a malicious one that receives the permission for accessing information. The technique is not complicated at all – the…


Basic Software Programs for Windows Users

Among the many programs and applications that a user can download for free or purchase from a licensed developer, there is a bare minimum of programs needed for the proper work of any Windows PC. Here is a list of…


Is Your Antivirus to be trusted? / To Trust or Not to Trust Your Antivirus

Earlier this year the malware researcher Neil J. Rubenking published a review concerning Tiranium Premium Security 2014. After the review was published, he got a message from a user claiming that Tiranium abused different online websites associated with malware checks…

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