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ISpy Keylogger Remove It from Your PC

pexels-photo-largeKeylogging software called iSpy has been released in several versions and is constantly tracked by malware researchers because of it’s high level of demand. The software is sold online as a part of a scheme to distribute it as a service, similar to RaaS schemes (ransomware as a service). It aims to log keystrokes live and hence steal Skype and other private messages and records as well as important credentials and passwords. In case you believe you have been infected by this keylogger we advise you read the below-mentioned article.

Threat Summary

TypeAdvanced Keylogger
Short DescriptionCollects keystrokes, password data, Skype chat logs and other key-related information and sends it to a malicious C&C(Command and Cotnrol) server.
SymptomsNo symptoms.
Distribution MethodSpam Emails, Email Attachments, File Sharing Networks.
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How Does iSpy Infect

Malware researchers strongly advise users to beware of suspicious e-mails containing JavaScript or fake document file attachments, because this is the primary method of distribution iSpy keylogger uses. What the distributors of iSpy do is they attach the payload dropper which appears as a legitimate file that is well known. The attachment may be primarily done on e-mails that are spammed and have phishing characters, such as fake notifications from an important website, like PayPal or similar sites.

The iSpy Keylogger In-Depth

Once this malicious attachment which is essentially the loader of iSpy’s payload is activated on the computer it drops a payload in an obfuscated manner with the following languages used for it’s compression:

  • .Net
  • AutoIT
  • Visual Basic 6.0

In addition to this the payload of iSpy has several modules responsible for different types of keylogging and also other features, like taking screenshots and PIN and password stealer components, just like some Trojans have. One of the features that were added to the latest version of iSpy keylogger aims to record Skype chats and erasing recorded messages. The keylogging software has a combination of other modules to deactivate any security pop-ups during infection.

Furthermore, the iSpy keylogger creates a sub-key with a value string pre-programmed to run a module that disables antivirus software. The targeted key is the following:

→Software \Microsoft\Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Image File Execution Options

After this has been done, the iSpy malware runs an executable that may appear identical to the official rundll32.exe file.

To steal data from infected computers, the iSpy keylogger uses the three well-known protocols for data transfer:

  • FTP
  • HTTP
  • SMTP

To transfer the logged data, iSpy also uses it’s custom created encryption cipher. Then it sends the data to an FTP account which is usually online and belongs to the cyber-criminals. It has the credentials of those accounts it uses in the log files themselves or the malicious files.

The iSpy Keylogger – Conclusion and Removal Instructions

Since iSpy is very powerful and highly concealed from security software, like conventional and well-known antivirus programs, it is very important to be careful what you open online. Usually, most loaders that are obfuscated and spread malware, like the iSpy keylogger have been pre-programmed to be undetected from most well-known antivirus programs during the infection process.

Furthermore, we have prepared the removal instructions below that will assist you to remove iSpy keylogger from your computer. But bear in mind that it may be difficult to manually uninstall this malware from your computer, because of the multiple concealed files and modules.

This is the primary reason why it is advisable to use an advanced anti-keylogging software which offers a non-commercial, discrete and professional protection to protect computers from iSpy keylogger effectively. It is also advisable to use an advanced anti-malware software in combination with this to scan your computer and detect every file and module associated with the virus to remove it.

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