KazyCrypter Virus — How to Detect and Remove It from Your Computer

KazyCrypter Virus — How to Detect and Remove It from Your Computer

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The KazyCrypter virus is among the most dangerous hacking tools of late. It provides the most advanced infiltration options and can completely take over the victim computers leading to further virus infections. In the majority of cases may not even know that their system have been impacted. Read our in-depth guide to find out more about it.

Threat Summary

TypeAdvanced Malware
Short DescriptionCan cause severe performance issues and lead to infections with other viruses.
SymptomsIn most cases the victims are not aware of the infections.
Distribution MethodThe attack campaigns are usually deployed by Trojans or hacker tactics such as email messages, fake software installers and virus files.
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KazyCrypter Virus – Distribution Methods

The KazyCrypter malware is distributed mainly through Trojans and automated exploit kits. They are usually configured using scripts and commands in order to simultaneously attempt intrusions against whole networks of computers.

In other cases the traditional tactics of orchestrating email campaigns can be used. There are several ways that this can be done:

  • Links — The criminals can embed malware links in the messages themselves. In most cases social engineering tricks are used in order to make the victims interact with the virus.
  • File Attachments — In other cases the KazyCrypter malware files can be delivered as executables or archives alongside the messages.
  • Information you provide

Infected Documents — A recent trend is the creation of documents of various types — rich text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. They are masked as files of user interest and as soon as they are opened a notification prompt appears. It asks the users to enable the built-in macros (scripts), if this is done the virus is downloaded from a remote server and executed on the machine.

Another tactic would be to employ malware malware software installers which are hacker-modified copies of the original setup files. They are taken from the official vendors and usually target popular free and trial versions of famous software. They are often distributed on hacker-controlled sites or file-sharing networks like BitTorrent.

An effective method of distributing malware like the KazyCrypter virus is the use of browser hijackers. They represent malware browser plugins that are programmed to change important settings of the software applications with the goal of redirecting the users to hacker-controlled pages or into directly executing the virus. They are usually made compatible with the most popular applications: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer.

KazyCrypter Malware – Malicious Activity

The KazyCrypter virus is a among the most dangerous malware released in the last few months. It is sold exclusively on the undergound hacker markets and at the moment its development has reached version 5. One of the most important attributes associated with it is the fact that it remains undetectable by all major anti-virus solutions. It follows a complex behavior patterns that begins by initiating a complete information harvesting operation. It is used to look out for any security software that might interfere with the code execution. The KazyCrypter malware is able to efffectively bypass or delete them, this includes all forms of sandboxes, debuggers, virtual machines and anti-virus products. If it is unable to do is it may delete itself to avoid detection.

There are two main types of data types that can be harvested by the malware code. The first one is related to information related to the system itself and is more appropriately used for statistical purposes. Other data can directly expose the victims identity — real names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, account credentials, passwords and preferences.

The virus can evade detection by employing the delayed execution strategy which overcomes most signature-based scans. Furthermore the code features many system modification components that can be used to further manipulate both software and users into thinking that there is nothing alarming going on. Advanced infiltration tactics are used to increase the size of chosen files or to assign system and/or hidden attributes to the malware components.

Upon infection the KazyCrypter virus proceeds by launching an anti-memory scanner which is able to protect itself from any intervention. It elevates the malware processes and can shut down the computer if it detects any removal attempts. It can also disable restore restore, task manager, command prompt and other processes automatically. Using this component the virus attains a persistent state of execution which automatically prevents any manual removal attempts.

It can connect to a hacker-controlled server from where additional commands and features can be added. The hacker controllers that the built-in ransomware supports five different types of encryption (AES, DES, TRIPLEDES, RC2 and RIJNDAEL). Using a custom configuration it can make it quite difficult for certain products to restore the computers.

The hackers note that all malware components technically remain hidden from both the users and all associated software (both user installed applications and system services) which provides the best possible protection against removal. The fact that the engine can burrow itself in the system folders makes it a very dangerous threat to handle. Such tools are sometimes used in complex attacks with Trojan components. Such hacking tools allow the criminals to spy on the victims in real time, as well as take over control of their machines at every given moment.

The hackers provide different versions according to the targets. The buyers can opt to choose compiled solutions that are effectively against all modern versions of Microsoft Windows.

At the moment the prospective buyers can choose from five package “deals”:

  • Bronze Package — For the price of $13 the users get 30 days usage of the tool.
  • Silver Package — For the price of $25 the users get 90 days usage of the tool.
  • Gold Package — For the price of $35 the users get 180 days usage of the tool.
  • Lifetime Access Package — Available upon special request.
  • Custom Versions — Available upon special request.

Remove KazyCrypter Virus and Protect Your PC

Q: How Do I Remove KazyCrypter Malware and How Do I Protect Myself In the Future?

A: In order to remove KazyCrypter virus, you should first stop the malicious processes of the malware by entering Windows Task Manager and stopping the malicious task by right-clicking on the KazyCrypter process and clicking on End Process or End Process tree. This results in the virus stopping to mine. After doing so, you may want to remove the malware preferably by following the automatic or manual removal instructions below, if you have removed malware manually and have the experience. Be advised that security experts strongly recommend to remove the KazyCrypter malware automatically by downloading an advanced anti-malware software, that aims to scan for and erase all malware from your system plus protect it against future infections as well.


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