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KB4016240 May Cause Installation Issues for Some Users

Windows 10 cumulative update KB4016240 for systems running the Creators Update is already a fact, and there are some users having problems with it.

First of all, what is the update all about? It is a non-security update that “includes quality improvements”. No new operating system features are being introduced in this update, as explained by Microsoft.

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KB4016240 Issues Explained

Cumulative updates have causes plenty of issues including installation troubles and various bugs triggered by the patches (errors, app crashes, even BSODs). It comes to no one’s surprise that cumulative updates are dealt with extra alertness. Fortunately, Microsoft has almost done it perfectly this time with KB4016240 as just a handful of users are experiencing issues.

Nonetheless, there are still customers complaining, saying that the update gets stuck at 0 percent once the downloading starts. Other users say that the update takes too long to install which is one of the most common issues with cumulative updates.

The number of customers reporting no issues with the patch is bigger. Apparently, KB4016240 serves its mission to fix some of the biggest problems reported in Windows 10 Creators Update since it was first launched.

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Windows 10 are now once again able to disable the lock screen from the Group Policy on systems running the Pro version. The bug which made the Start menu slower when UWP apps were running maximized is also fixed and removed.

Overall, this is one of the “less intriguing” cumulative updates issued by Microsoft recently, in comparison to patches such as KB4013418.

KB4016240 Easy Fix Available

If you are one of the users having trouble with this cumulative patch, you can try and fix it by downloading the update manually.

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