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The Most Secure VPN Services (Update July 2020)

DNS Leak Protection
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AES 256-bit, IKEv2/IPsec, OpenVPN No Logging 5000 across 62 countries Visit NordVPN’s Site
AES 256-bit, ChaCha20Poly1305, Camellia 256-bit, OpenVPN No Logging 400 across 70 locations Visit Site
CyberGhost VPN
See Review
AES 256-bit, PPTP, IPsec, L2TP, OpenVPN No Logging 3102 across 60 countries Visit CyberGhost’s Site
See Review
AES 256-bit, PPTP, IPsec, OpenVPN No Logging 2000 across 62 countries Visit ExpressVPN’s Site
See Review
AES 256-bit, IKEv2, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec No Logging 1155 in 60+ countries Visit IPVanish’s Site
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AES 256-bit, PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2, OpenVPN, Stealth No Logging 2200 in 140 countries Visit PureVPN’s Site
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AES 256-bit, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN, Chameleon No Logging 700 in 70+ countries Visit VyprVPN’s Site

Criteria for the Most Secure VPN

This post was originally created in November 2018, but we gave it an update in August 2019.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are becoming more widely-spread in terms of usage. The two main reasons for this are that users want to achieve some privacy and that they want to gain access to websites and media restricted in their country. Companies are adding VPN services as an additional layer of security and a solution to safely transfer documents and sensitive information, to prevent corporate espionage, as well as achieving communication between employees without worry.

As free VPN services are used by the majority of people, aware that they want to make their Internet browsing more secure, paying for one is exponentially better. Not only there are free VPNs that allow for a middle-man to gain access to the sent information, but some of them even sell the users’ data to third parties, while guaranteeing that everything is safe.

vpn server router wireless connection map

To prevent middle-man access and to ensure that the data is sent via a secure tunnel, certain criteria should be met. The criteria include a DNS Leak Protection (over IPv4, IPv6 and WebRTC), encrypted traffic via a Private tunnel, and hopefully no logs of the data saved anywhere. However, if the government wants to see which websites and web locations a user visits, the ISP provider can demand and get that information. Thus, no real anonymity is achieved, but the specific data will be encrypted, secure and free from middle-man attacks.

Companies even implement policies preventing employees from having access to master keys used for the decryption process of the channeled data in real time. In order to provide our readers with the most secure VPN services for 2018, we have carefully examined the companies that excel in the VPN business and have outlined their advantages and disadvantages in terms of providing a secure and stable service.

If you have previously looked for what the most secure VPN is, you might have come across our article from last year titled ” [wplinkpreview url=”https://sensorstechforum.com/top-5-which-are-best-secure-vpn-services-2017/”] Which Are The Most Secure VPN Services In 2017 “.

NordVPN – Security, Privacy, Speed, Servers

vpn nordvpn logo

NordVPN’s Security

NordVPN holds the number one spot considering all of its features combined in a VPN that works at an excellent level. Regarding security, NordVPN has a proven DNS leak protection, including the IPv4, IPv6 and WebRTC address protocols, as well as mobile protocols such as IKEv2. In addition, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec and OpenVPN are also used to ensure the most secure and up-to-date protection service. Double layer encryption is employed in the tunnels which NordVPN hosts, which is nearly impossible to break, even if super computers are working non-stop for years trying to decipher it. In the event that someone sniffs some of the traffic, it will still be encrypted, so NordVPN has set the bar high for the most secure VPN requirements.

NordVPN’s Privacy

What makes NordVPN stand out in terms of security can also be applied for making it a real private network. NordVPN’s privacy standards are highly advanced, such as the Onion Over VPN feature, which includes the TOR network service as another layer of privacy. The VPN’s double encryption makes it impossible for a middle-man to see what is transferred through the tunnel. In case of any intrusion, there is also a kill-switch, which is an added bonus we welcome whole-heartedly. NordVPN also utilizes an anonymized login policy that conceals your identity further, making the service privacy-friendly.

NordVPN’s Speed

NordVPN does not have any limitations imposed on its users in terms of traffic. A constant speed is used, but you should be aware that VPN services tend to be a bit slower than regular Internet speeds. The company has set up UDP (OpenVPN) which automatically chooses the closest available server for you. However, some users report that the speed is slower than that of some competitors.

NordVPN’s Servers

NordVPN has not made explicit where exactly their servers are located on the map, due to security precautions, but be aware that they are set up across 62 countries and are around 5000 overall.

What We Like
Decent license price.
Unlimited traffic.
A single license covers more than 6 devices.
What is Missing
Multiple devices cannot be connected with NordVPN at the same time.
Complicated evaluation period.
Slower speed compared to competitors.

Keep Solid VPN Unlimited for Turkey – Review

Keep Solid VPN is a company which has created with the mission to make their product in the Japanese product creation methodology – to maximize benefits at minimal costs. This makes them a modern organization for which the opinion of the customer is very important and essential, since they are all about maximizing the good feeling and satisfaction while their product is being used. They excel at creating a business-type of VPN service, whose main goal is to. The service offers access to AES encrypted technology and the best part is that it does not allow limits on the bandwidth as well as the connection speed.


Keep Solid VPN Unlimited offers anonymity at a very high level as they are able to change your physical location and IP address, and in addition to this, the service offers various different types of protection protocols against hackers, advertisers and big websites, like Facebook, Twitter, etc.


When it comes to security, the VPN Unlimited service uses strong encryption, which ensures protection of all the personal passwords, protecting the user from prying eyes, like third-party websites and hackers as well. And they even offer 7 day trial as a test to see If the service is suitable enough.

When it comes to encryption, Keep Solid uses the following protocols:

  • AES-256-bit and 128-bit.
  • IKEv2 connection.
  • Camellia 256-bit.
  • ChaCha20Poly1305 encryption.
  • OpenVPN protocol on Android.


When it comes to the speed, Keep Solid is very well focused on allowing the user to choose the preferred location from their servers which are high-speed type of machines, specifically designed to provide encrypted high-speed access. The servers can be chosen to your approximate location, so if you are located in Turkey, you can choose the closest server in Europe, based on your location.


KeepSolid VPN Unlimited has more than 400 servers with high-speed connection and they are spread across more than 70 locations globally and they support fast connection in Turkey.

What We Like
Offers unique Camellia and ChaCha encryption modes.
Very well laid out server locations.
Optimized and speedy servers.
Overview of server health.
Compatible with almost all types of operating systems.
What is Missing
Could include web protection against phishing and several other extra tools for the price it’s offered at.
Could include a higher resolution on it’s user interface, since it becomes blurry on high-res screens.
They should add more servers in the future to expand flexibility and capacity.

CyberGhost VPN – Review

CyberGhost is a company, based in Romania and they have grown to become one of the best companies in the VPN sphere with strong encryption, speedy serveers and also cheap services. The company has a lot of tunneling protocols and they strive their best to compete with NordVPN – the company with one of the lowest prices out there.


When it comes to security, CyberGhost does not allow itself to deviate from the top notch security protocols in the business. They have established AES-256 encryption in a manner that does not slow down your connection speed and they also use the proprietary protocols for kill-switching and hiding IP addresses.

When it comes down to encryption, they use OpenVPN, L2TP as well as IPSec.


With their “No Logging” policy, they want to advertise proudly that they do not keep track of any information. In practice, when you check out their Terms of Service, there are some elements they collect, but they do not seem to use the collected information for anything. And while many VPN companies do log the data of the user, CyberGhost VPN do seem to have more paranoid measures to secure themselves against any tracking requests.


CyberGhost VPN provides support with 3073 servers online, located around 61 countries and they currently support connections to around 15 million users without having any major disruptions in connection, which is an impressive achievement.


When it comes down to speed, the sheer amount of servers says it all – they are all specifically optimized to provide the best connection to the closest host to them. The servers contain optimization protocols which ensure that the encryption process do not slow down the internet connection itself.

What We Like
Very competitive pricing.
Unlimited traffic.
Decent encryption
Fast no-logging policy.
What is Missing
Could include more details about their No Logging policy to increase user trust
Could include more extra features.
The service can have added more customizations options.
Could have a more extensive support

ExpressVPN – Security, Privacy, Speed, Servers

vpn expressvpn logo

ExpressVPN is based in the Birtish Virgin Islands, and has expanded to a global company, that boasts with fasts speed and that is still one of the most secure VPN services out there. That might be true considering that the DNS Leak Protection is tested and it does cover IPv4, IPv6 and WebRTC protocols. The encryption protocols it uses are top notch and the service is available on almost all modern and well-known platforms:

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Various Router brands
  • Linux

ExpressVPN offers pricing that is a bit cheaper than NordVPN. ExpressVPN keeps no logs of user data and provides a great 24-hour customer support service.

ExpressVPN’s Security

ExpressVPN is among the most secure VPN services even in 2018. It has a checked DNS leak protection, including the IPv4, IPv6 and WebRTC address protocols. That is very important as it stops any data to be sniffed and stolen by third parties. ExpressVPN has a strong encryption, besides which, the company also covers the latest standards in terms of security. OpenVPN encryption is also supported, allowing for an excellent level of security to be maintained.

ExpressVPN’s Privacy

Regarding privacy, ExpressVPN is a logless type of VPN and any traffic that goes through is considered safe from prying eyes. ExpressVPN also uses a strong encryption protocol with 256-bit ciphers, so even if traffic and communication data somehow get sniffed, they will be locked with the encryption algorithm and appear as gibberish symbols rather than bare text.

ExpressVPN’s Speed

ExpressVPN is said to be quite faster than NordVPN, which speaks for itself. The connection is also very stable and extremely fast regarding the minimum speed drops as well. Experts who have tested the service report that it is among the fastest companies who provide paid VPN services and that it connects instantaneously to the Internet.

ExpressVPN’s Servers

The servers of the company are numbered around 2000, which might be less than other VPN services. However, the spread is wider as it provides more than 148 cities and over 94 countries to choose from. The company allows for up to three devices to use its service. As with NordVPN, this company also keeps the exact numbers and other details around its operations rather vague.

What We Like
Wide coverage of nearly 100 different countries.
The speed is arguably the fastest among the competitors.
Policy to not log any traffic and data is strictly kept.
What is Missing
The price is a bit higher than most of the competition.
The company could have more servers.
No support via phone.

IPVanish – Security, Privacy, Speed, Servers

vpn ipvanish logo

IPVanish is continuously emerging in different reviews, charts and news traveling from mouth to mouth. IPVanish is located in the United States and its Chief Technology Officer is Josh Gagliardi, who works at Highwinds, which is a subsidiary of the cybersecurity giant StackPath. IPVanish provides speeds almost as close as a person’s original Internet connection speed.

IPVanish’s Security

IPVanish is questionable whether it provides a full DNS Leak Protection and if all the problematic IPv4, IPv6 and WebRTC protocols are covered. IPVanish utilizes OpenVPN, IKEv2 and L2TP/IPsec VPN protocols. No-logging of data is utilized. IPVanish also uses 256-bit AES encryption. All of the above listed features ensure a secure browsing experience for users.

IPVanish’s Privacy

In terms of privacy, IPVanish is a good choice, due to the fact that it does exactly what is stated on its website. It uses multiple protocols to hide your IP address and adheres to its no-logging information policy, so it is definitely better than a free VPN service.

IPVanish’s Speed

IPVanish slows down Internet speed, but only by a very little margin. It claims to be the World’s fastest VPN, but that is arguable. It offers unlimited bandwidth. However, if you are looking for a quick support, note that IPVanish does not provide such. On the support page there is a note that states that a backlog of up to a day and a half might occur. If you are a business that relies heavily on Internet, that is a downside to be considered.

IPVanish’s Servers

The servers of IPVanish are located in more than 60 countries, with around 1155 servers located in all seven continents across the globe. However, there is not much transparency about them other than that. Still, servers are plenty and provide a decent availability and network coverage.

What We Like
All VPN features included with every plan.
No traffic logs.
Unlimited bandwidth.
What is Missing
Slow Support response.
More expensive than ExpressVPN.
Some geo-restricted content remains inaccessible.

PureVPN Review – Security, Privacy, Speed, Servers

vpn purevpn logo

PureVPN is located in Hong Kong and has an extremely large network, spanning over 140 countries across the globe. It is not as fast as ExpressVPN, but it also provides an extensive DNS Leak Protection over IPv4, IPv6 and WebRTC protocols. You can safely use up to five computer systems with just one PureVPN License.

PureVPN’s Security

When it comes to security, the company definitely lives up to the good renown it has built over the years. PureVPN utilizes AES 256-bit encryption and the latest security protocols – IKEv2, OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP/IPSec among others. Split Tunneling and Virtual Router are arguably the best technologies that it can offer. The main reason for this is that as Virtual Router provides high-end router protection, the Split Tunneling service allows for encrypting only the important bits of data. In this way you are being protected, while slow-downs in connectivity, due to the result of encryption, are kept to a bare minimum.

PureVPN’s Privacy

When we talk about privacy, PureVPN is fairly decent choice among competitors. Not only does it offer high-end encryption but also has a no-logging policy. In regards to DNS leaks and such, not only that PureVPN has IPv6 covered as well as the more commonly used protocols, but you are guaranteed to get your money back, in case something goes amiss.

PureVPN’s Speed

The performance of the servers of PureVPN shows that their management is very decent. They have low ping and have a steady uptime, thus speed is not any problem for clients of this VPN product.

PureVPN’s Servers

PureVPN hosts over 2,200 servers across the World. They are set in 180 locations in more than 140 countries. Their number might be less than other companies, but there is higher density, meaning that more servers are placed in one place, providing reliability.

What We Like
No traffic logs are kept.
Wide, dense network coverage and stable connection.
Virtual router technology.
What is Missing
No free evaluation period provided.
Reported to have had DNS leaks in the past.
Slower than other VPNs in this price range.

VyprVPN – Security, Privacy, Speed, Servers

vpn vyprvpn logo

The last virtual private network we are going to review for being of the most secure ones, is VyprVPN. The service is based in Switzerland, but some discrepancies are found in the VPN’s Story page. With around 70+ worldwide server locations, a L2TP/IPSec protocol implementation and OpenVPN support, VyprVPN has what to offer to the table of the most secure VPNs.

VyprVPN’s Security

As with the previously mentioned VPN services on this list, VyprVPN also provides an extensive DNS Leak Protection (Including IPv4, IPv6 and WebRTC protocols), which is tested by clients. VyprVPN includes support for a L2TP/IPSec protocols as well as OpenVPN. VyprVPN has a no-logging policy. VyprVPN also enforces all IPv6 traffic to be via its network and avoid any IPv6 leaks. Overall, that is a pretty solid VPN in security-wise.

VyprVPN’s Privacy

VyprVPN values privacy, due to the fact that there is no logging of Web traffic and data over its secure tunnels. With encryption and having the latest and up-to-date security protocols enabled, you can be sure that no middle-man attacks can follow.

VyprVPN’s Speed

VyprVPN offers an okay speed, despite being rather slow compared to all previously discussed VPNs in this article. Torrenting is technically possible but VyprVPN is not built for that. If you break any copyright laws via downloading torrents for say a movie that is still sold in cinemas, your VyprVPN account will get suspended with no refund eligibility. Support is via a ticket system that is somewhat slow, especially around holidays. Most businesses will have to keep that in mind.

VyprVPN’s Servers

VyprVPN has more than 700 servers Worldwide, and although that seems to be enough for providing a decent service, its speed is lacking as said above. With a spread of little over 70 countries, VyprVPN provides an okay alternative for people who need access to geo-restricted sites.

What We Like
Piece of cake to set up and use.
Decent pricing plans.
What is Missing
Carefree torrenting made virtually impossible.
Support has a slow response time.
Slow speed compared to competitors in the same price range.

Final Words

Keep in mind, that no VPN service provides complete security and privacy, but just adds one layer of protection in that direction. In addition, a VPN is held by a company. The company may change its policies or provide data to governments if National Security might be at stake. Using a VPN does not deem you free of any rules and regulations – you have to abide by the laws of the country you reside in, the country hosting the VPN service and probably some others. You are not completely anonymous by simply setting and using a VPN.

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