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Most Secure VPNs for USA (2021)

DNS Leak Protection
Hotspot Shield
See Review
AES 256-bit, IKEv2/IPsec, OpenVPN No Logging 2500 across 25 countries Visit Site
AES 256-bit, ChaCha20Poly1305, Camellia 256-bit, OpenVPN No Logging 400 across 70 locations Visit Site
See Review
AES 256-bit, PPTP, IPsec, OpenVPN No Logging 2000 across 62 countries Visit Site
See Review
AES 256-bit, IKEv2/IPsec, OpenVPN No Logging 5000 across 62 countries Visit Site
See Review
AES 256-bit, IKEv2, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec No Logging 1155 in 60+ countries Visit Site
See Review
AES 256-bit, PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2, OpenVPN, Stealth No Logging 2200 in 140 countries Visit Site
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AES 256-bit, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN, Chameleon No Logging 700 in 70+ countries Visit Site
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SLL to AES-256, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, IKEv2 No Logging 220+ servers in 50+ countries Visit Site
PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, AES-256 No Logging 3,250 servers in 25 countries Visit Site

Why The Need for VPN?

Presumably, the most imperative reason behind why the mass of individuals do require a safe and private VPN is the way that they come amazingly helpful when it comes down to getting to sites that are not accessible in their nation. The tech itself goes about as though it is a tunnel between the client and the web and more to it than that, it can likewise influence it to appear as though the client is connecting from the nation from which they need to get to a webpage. For instance, if a webpage is limited to you in the USA, you basically switch the VPN server to the USA one and you can safely approach this site.

VPN programs have been made with the fundamental thought of guaranteeing that they serve not just as a Proxy between your PC and the web, however, their main goal is to protect your connection. Their fundamental thought is to scramble the connection and enable it to be like what a significant number of us know as a privately shared connection. This is truly appropriate for organization use as an organization may set up an interior VPN which is encrypted and no one can catch the correspondence inside this system. The primary thought behind this is to build protection from “prying eye” substances, similar to government, organizations, and programmers.

VPN usage has various advantages and to abridge them, the main motivations for utilizing a VPN are the accompanying:

  • You can get to sites that are not accessible in your general vicinity or nation.
  • VPN can increase infection security.
  • VPN can repulse sites that track you.
  • Private systems have increased security via a solid encryption being utilized.
  • Entirely appropriate for private correspondence between organizations or people.

How We Ranked This List?

Since there is as of now a cluster of VPN software, especially In the U.S., we have chosen to demonstrate to you the best projects of this bundle. The fundamental thought behind this is not each VPN can completely be trusted. The principle thought behind this is simply the fact that some VPN programs may have suspicious security approaches and following practices that may could not always be guaranteed for. This is the reason we have chosen to rank the best VPN services in the U.S., in view of the accompanying criteria:

  • The security of the VPN being referred to.
  • The VPN’s security guarantee.
  • The speed of the software and it’s uptime.
  • The state of the servers of the VPN.
  • Which Geo-Restricted sites, you can access in the U.S.

In view of these criteria, we have figured out how to bring and rank the 9 best VPN services and projects to use in the event that you are in the U.S. We should start!

Hotspot Shield VPN -Review

Hotspot Shield is a company with a long-standing history with VPNs. They are made by AnchorFree and they have servers all around the globe with an already established rep for having a solid and stable association. They have progressed in a way that empowers them to try and prevent connections from suspicious websites. Moreso, the Hotspot shield gives you a chance to enroll anonymously for the paid service with only an email address. The main drawback regarding protection is that you need to pay with a card, as they don’t acknowledge BitCoins and digital currencies right now.

If you are browsing their offering in 2021, the service has added Linux support. This means that users of the free operating system can now take advantage of Hotspot Shield’s VPN offering through their new client. The developers have created dedicated packages for the most popular distributions, including Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOS, and Debian. Once the software is installed on a system, an easy-to-use command-line interface will be available to the users to access the company’s worldwide network of servers.


With regards to Privacy, Hotspot Shield are the kind of organization which is amazingly fixated on security. Their Premium service is an ideal security tool on the off chance that you are situated in the U.S. with its main drawback being the way that VPNs ought to be utilized with consideration in the nation’s laws. The nations from where you could theoretically utilize Hotspot Shield VPN to access U.S. sites:

  • China.
  • Iran.
  • Oman.
  • Russia.
  • United Arab Emirates.
  • Belarus.
  • Iraq.
  • North Korea.
  • Turkmenistan.

Furthermore, be advised that the software has been made to work within the borders of almost any nation, but within the borders of some places, it is not legal to use VPN to some or all extent.


Hotspot Shield VPN takes security to extreme boundaries. The company utilizes 256 AES encryption calculation that figures the information and makes it totally mixed up in only seconds. The primary thought is that regardless of whether you have an established connection with an open Wi-Fi, your data can’t be followed through system sniffing and other system spyware. The AES-256 encryption is an encoding mode that is delegated a “Suite.B” class and is additionally utilized by the NSA to secure secret records, so if the VPN server anchoring the connectivity isn’t affected, which isn’t probably going to occur, at that point you can rest guaranteed that the security of Hotspot Shield is among the best.


Since VPN programs encode your information, they ask that your association goes through a VPN server before getting to the web. This is where Hotspot Shield isolates itself from low-quality servers as the program is exceptionally well appropriate for giving an uncommon distinction by having VPN servers that are among the quickest in the entire business and the organization endeavors to keep them quick and always puts resources into further developing advances that guarantee protection without yielding a great part of the speed.


Hotspot Shield VPN as of now has 2,500 VPN concentrated fast VPN servers situated in 25 nations over the globe.

VPN Unlimited by Keep Solid – Review

Keep Solid VPN is a company which has created with the mission to make their product in the VPN Unlimited has made a mission to make their item in the Japanese item creation philosophy – to augment benefits at insignificant expenses. This makes them a cutting edge company for which the opinion of the client is imperative and fundamental since they are tied in with amplifying the nice sentiment and fulfillment while their program is being utilized. They exceed expectations at making a business-kind of VPN program, whose fundamental objective is to offer access to AES encrypted technology, and best of all, it doesn’t have restrictions on the transfer speed and the connectivity speed.


Keep Solid VPN Unlimited offers anonymity at a very high level as they are able to change your physical location and IP address, and in addition to this, the service offers various different types of protection protocols against hackers, advertisers, and big websites, like Facebook, Twitter, etc.


With regards to security, the VPN Unlimited program utilizes solid encryption, which guarantees insurance of all the individual passwords, shielding the client from prying eyes, similar to outsider sites and malicious software too. What’s more, they even offer several days of trial as a test to check whether the service is as good as advertised.

With regards to encryption, Keep Solid uses the accompanying measures:

  • AES-256-bit and 128-bit.
  • IKEv2
  • Camellia 256-bit.
  • ChaCha20Poly1305
  • OpenVPN on Android.


With regards to the speed, Keep Solid is extremely concentrated on enabling the client to pick the favored area from their servers which are powerful machines, explicitly intended to give encrypted fast access. The servers can be decided to your rough area, so if you are situated in the U.S.A., you can pick the nearest server in your State and city.


KeepSolid VPN Unlimited has in excess of 400 servers with high-speed connectivity and they are spread crosswise over in excess of 70 areas all-inclusive and they bolster quick connection in the U.S. In regards to VPN service access, the team at KeepSolid VPN Unlimited posted detailed information on how to fix internet connectivity issues on their blog. As this service is part of a security package offered by MonoDefense, setting up an active installation will protect from various issues. More and more Mac users are relying on this product, and especially in 2021 when phishing scams are on the rise, the use of combined products for security purposes is becoming the norm.

ExpressVPN – Review

Being situated in the British Virgin Islands, the ExpressVPN software originally began locally and has gotten to the point that they are presently a worldwide organization that is known for its quick speed, the introduction towards cell phones, and furthermore extremely solid security. This, as well as that they offer broad help and encryption over an extensive variety of gadgets – cell phones, PCs, and Macs makes them a very decent choice and among the best services out there. ExpressVPN likewise offers benefits that compare to other devices, similar to switches, and Linux OS servers.


The ExpressVPN program is among the most secure VPN services out there and they have held this notoriety. They have inserted insurance against DNS spillage and furthermore have protocols like IPv4, IPv6, WebRTC, and many others. They additionally often refresh their security tech to ensure that information can’t be sniffed and acquired by outsider prying eyes.


To guarantee that you remain private while connected and your connectivity can’t be kept an eye on, ExpressVPN applies AES-256 encoding, which enables you to cover any web information, as though your PC, cell phone, tablet, or switch isn’t there. What’s more, if the correspondence is some way or another hacked, the software has an automated procedure that quickly closes it down.

Looking back from a 2021’s perspective one of the most updates to ExpressVPN’s service is the last addition to Android’s mobile app. It includes a revamped user interface that shows the duration of VPN protection on each day of the week — the feature is known as Protection Summary. This new look makes it much easier for users to get informed about how the application works. The company has also announced other features that are going to be implemented in the coming feature to the Android version — a new Security Assistant and a Data Breach Alert system. Both of these are regarded as important steps in protecting a person’s privacy and security.


The speed of ExpressVPN is known to be a lot quicker than rivalry software, like NordVPN. Actually, it is one of the unique skills of the service, enabling it to be among the quickest contenders when it comes down to VPN.


The essential servers of the organization are around 2000 and they are spread crosswise over 94 nations. The organization enables to associate up to three gadgets simultaneously.

NordVPN – Review

NordVPN is an organization that has a lot of VPN features built-in working with good quality. They give ideal assurance against data spilling and furthermore have IPv4 and IPv6 security and also WebRTC addresses and this, as well as the fact that they offer different diverse sorts of security benefits that are always refreshed makes them one of the leaders in the U.S. NordVPN, additionally demonstrates their broad involvement in the dual-layer encryption which they utilize in the tunnels facilitated by them. These make it almost unimaginable to uncover any data, regardless of whether the most progressive PCs are utilized to decode sniffed information.

As we are taking a look at NordVPN’s services at the start of 2021, one of their last actions is deemed as very important and deserves notice. The plan of the company to upgrade its servers infrastructure to a new type of colocated servers. When this is completed, the customers will be able to experience better security and privacy. By definition colocated servers are company-owned machines that can be accessed only by authorized personnel. They are connected in top tier data centers around the world and provide the VPN services as configured by NordVPN. The company has already started the first batch and are performing tests and optimizations with the intention of adding them to the infrastructure servers around the world.


Being truly outstanding In the business, NordVPN has installed DNS leakage security, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, and OpenVPN. They additionally guarantee that WebRTC protocols are continually up to date and they likewise have versatile mechanisms, like IKEv2.


With regards to protection, NordVPN stands out from the crowd in their Onion Over VPN included, which utilizes hubs from the TOR system to additionally expand security. Moreover, their twofold encryption likewise precludes any sniffer to track what data is exchanged through the VPN in real-time. In the event that there is any leakage, the VPN utilizes its Kill-Switch to impair itself and afterward restarts in a protected manner. This makes NordVPN extremely security tough and easy to understand as well.


With regards to speed, NordVPN isn’t the kind of organization to confine clients with regards to speed. They have brought down any restrictions to provide consistent speed, however since this is a VPN, you ought to dependably be prepared for a high ping here and there. They have set up their UDP that guarantees that the nearest server that is up is associated with your machine, despite the fact that a few clients have revealed that in a few situations, speed is slower than rivalry.


NordVPN is the sort of organization that has incredible power in this segment with more than 5000 live servers in more than 62 nations.

IPVanish VPN – Review

IPVanish is persistently rising in various surveys, outlines, and news venturing out from mouth to mouth. IPVanish is situated in the United States and its CTO is Josh Gagliardi, who works at Highwinds, which is a part of the cybersecurity goliath StackPath. IPVanish gives speeds nearly as close as the genuine Internet speed of users.

IPVanish continues to work hard in 2021 to improve the performance and quality of their product. One of the important highlights for the past year is the combined offer of the VPN with the Storage Protection service. This allows users to both safeguard their Internet connections and to protect their files. The data protection product allows for files across all platforms to be guarded against tampering and unauthorized access. This is done by relying on the secure encryption algorithm that is used by the company. The Protected Folders allows customers to roll-back file states as they have been made.


It is a bit under doubt whether IPVanish gives a full DNS Leak Protection and if all the tricky IPv4, IPv6, and WebRTC technologies are secured properly. But, do not worry, since IPVanish uses OpenVPN, IKEv2, and L2TP/IPsec VPN conventions. No-logging of information is used. IPVanish additionally utilizes 256-bit AES encryption. The majority of the above-recorded tech aims to guarantee a protected experience for clients.


As far as private usage goes, IPVanish is a decent decision, because of the way that it does precisely what is expressed on its site. It utilizes numerous technologies to conceal your IP and holds firm to its no-logging data policies, so it is unquestionably superior to a free VPN service.


IPVanish backs off Internet speed, yet just by an almost no edge. It professes to be the World’s quickest VPN, however, that is questionable. It offers boundless transmission capacity. In any case, in the event that you are searching for fast help, take note that IPVanish does not give such. On the help page, there is a note that expresses that an accumulation of up to multi-day and a half may happen. In the event that you are a business that depends intensely on the Internet, that is a drawback to be considered.


The servers of IPVanish are situated in excess of 60 nations, with around 1155 servers situated in each of the seven mainlands over the globe. Be that as it may, there isn’t much information provided about them other than that. All things considered, servers are bounty and give convenient accessibility and network quality at a decent level.

PureVPN – Review

PureVPN is a Hong Kong-based organization that is spread the whole way across the globe. This enables them to make a great deal of limited time offers towards clients and they utilize these promotions to draw in an ever-increasing number of clients recently. They offer top of the line encryption, leakage security, and a ton of additional items to their product.

PureVPN have implemented many important features in 2020, in this new 2021 we have taken a look at some of their updates. The Windows client has been fully-revamped, alloing for extra troubleshooting steps to be presented to the users, if the need arises. This usually happens if the customers experience account login or connectivity trouble. This new Windows version has been made thanks to users feedback.


When we talk about security, PureVPN isn’t the kind of organization that will trifle with this. They utilize standard technologies and AES-256 encryption, as well as PPTP, SSTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, IKEv2, and other encryption modes enabling them to offer a lot of additional extras. The primary of the offered tech by PureVPN is the virtual redirecting and the split VPN choices, which they gladly promote. What’s more, in light of current circumstances, these advances additionally enable them to give you top-of-the-line assurance for switches and in addition encode just imperative information bits. Furthermore, you additionally stay secured, while in a similar time your connectivity remains at a better than average speed, enabling you to play web-based games and power-intensive games and simulations as well.


PureVPN thinks about clients’ security and they are definitely mindful of the solid rivalry in the market. PureVPN not only offers top of the line encryption modes, but they additionally have an approach that denies logging. Furthermore, they additionally have DNS spill assurance components and fast Kill-Switch capacities that naturally recognize a security problem.


With regards to performance, the servers of PureVPN for the U.S. do demonstrate small slacking but they have great uptimes. In the event that you are utilizing PureVPN, rest guaranteed that you won’t encounter any issues frequently.

PureVPN presently has more than 2200 servers set in excess of 140 nations over the world. The number of servers could be not as much as what it is indifferent organizations but given the higher density and the cluster of machines, they ought to give a truly dependable and good quality connection.

What We Like
No traffic logs are kept.
Wide, dense network coverage and stable connection.
Virtual router technology.
What is Missing
No free evaluation period provided.
Reported to have had DNS leaks in the past.
Slower than other VPNs in this price range.

VyprVPN – Review

As with the recently referenced VPN benefits on this rundown, VyprVPN additionally gives a broad DNS Leak Protection (Including IPv4, IPv6, and WebRTC), which is tried by customers. VyprVPN incorporates support for L2TP/IPSec and also OpenVPN. VyprVPN has a no-logging approach. VyprVPN additionally upholds all IPv6 movement to be via its network and maintains leak prevention for any IPv6 connections. Overall, that is a quite strong VPN security-wise.


VyprVPN values protection, because of the way that they use no logging of Web activity and information over their private tunnels. Featuring encryption plus the most recent and forward security tech, you can make sure that no middle man attacks can occur.


VyprVPN offers an alright speed, regardless of being somewhat laggy when compared with all the recently talked about VPNs in this article. Torrenting is in fact good, however, VyprVPN isn’t made for that. On the off chance that you overstep any copyright laws by means of downloading torrents for say a film that is as yet sold, your VyprVPN record will get suspended with no reimbursement. Support is by means of a ticket system that is fairly average, particularly around events and holiday dates. Most organizations should consider that.


VyprVPN has in excess of 700 servers around the globe, and in spite of that, it is by all accounts enough to provide good connectivity. With a spread of a tad more than 70 countries, VyprVPN gives an alright choice to individuals who require access to geo-confined websites.

IvacyVPN – Review

IvacyVPN (for short Ivacy) is situated in Singapore and has servers that are situated crosswise over 50 nations. The organization utilizes progressive “Stealth” innovation in blend with AES-256 encryption and hence they figured out how to guarantee that both security and insurance for their clients is kept at a first-rate level while keeping up great connectivity quality at an aggressive price for this market.


IvacyVPN is the kind of administration, which has a fixation on being private. While standard VPN will shut out any outside entrance of their VPN, they venture to prevent Internet Service Providers from straightforwardly following clients. This is achieved by basically not keeping any kind of logs on the client’s actions on the World Wide Web. Furthermore, this, as well as the Stealth technology, utilized by this VPN, likewise guarantees obscurity while utilizing IvacyVPN.


IvacyVPN is the sort of organization, which has broad help of all encryption levels, differing from SLL to AES-256 encryption. They additionally use PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, IKEv2. They likewise have to authorize IPv6 connectivity to their system so as to prevent any IPv6 spills. What’s more, they can likewise enable clients to switch among encryption levels so as to ensure their personal data is secured.

The servers of IvacyVPN are situated crosswise over 50 nations:

  • More than 80 servers in Europe.
  • More than 70 servers in North America including servers in Canada and US.
  • More than 50 servers in Asia.
  • More than 12 servers in Australia and New Zealand.
  • More than 6 servers in South America.
  • More than 6 servers in Africa.

This enables Ivacy to spread various and effectively open connections on a worldwide dimension.


IvacyVPN has a decent consistent speed and with its 80 servers, situated globally, so utilizing it in the U.S ought not to be an issue, as long as your web connectivity speed is quick. Moreover, IvacyVPN means to give a proficient speed which is in some cases laggy and can ignite issues for mobile device clients. Yet, in the event that you are not a such client, IvacyVPN is the kind of VPN you ought to go for.

PIA VPN -Review

“Private Internet Access” or PIA for short is another VPN that you can consider in the event that you require an astounding quality at a less expensive cost contrasted with the competitors in this market segment. Situated in the United States, PIA utilizes a best in class, level 1 multi-gigabit private system and enables you to run five machines at the same time, while using it.


As far as privacy goes, Private Internet Access is a decent decision, because of the way that it does precisely what is expressed on its site. It utilizes a SOCKS5 proxy, in addition to different technologies and methods to conceal your IP address and relies on no logging, so you can’t be recognized by anybody.


Private Internet Access has an embedded anti-malware and ad-blocking tech while using PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, and OpenVPN. When you include the proxy services it utilizes, this makes for an extremely secure VPN that puts its clients inside a private, encrypted tunnel(which incorporates Wi-Fi) with secured and random ports. The majority of the above seems to be a good guarantee for a private and safe product for clients.


The servers of Private Internet Access are more in number than most VPNs, particularly in that range. PIA has in excess of 3,250 servers available, spread crosswise over 25 nations, while these numbers are slow, however consistently rising. That enormous scope of accessibility regarding servers offers straightforward entry for clients, which makes a few sites and administrations to square you from accessing them, for example, Netflix.

Sadly, the speed of Private Internet Access can some of the time be slower than advertised. Regardless of whether you get a higher scope of servers and accessibility while downloading data the speed may be a bit slower than other VPN software of that range. All things considered, the software remains genuinely quick and simple to set up.

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