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Remove DropDrans from Your Computer

DropDrans is detected and classified as a Trojan downloader as an initial stage of a cyber-attack. DropDrans is employed by hackers to download and install different malware from designated web locations and remote servers. This way the cyber criminals can execute numerous malicious operations on the compromised machine. DropDrans Trojan is capable of downloading and installing a key logger and screen grabber application automatically, so the attackers can get their hands on your personal and banking credentials, usernames and passwords to your online accounts. Experts recommend the use of a trusted anti-malware program to remove the DropDrans Trojan downloader from your computer.

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DropDrans – Distribution, Technical Details, and Behavior

DropDrans is distributed mostly via malicious attachments to spam email messages. The Trojan downloader may also be advertised as a free app on questionable free download website

Trojan downloaders like DropDrans may be employed to inject the affected computer with malware and viruses that can expose the system to major security issues.

Experts with Microsoft that DropDrans gets installed with a random file name to a random folder. One of the reported file names used by the Trojan is intel.exe.

DropDrans can download files, some of which may be malicious, from a hard coded Dropbox account. The account is currently offline, according to the specialists.

The downloaded files with the following names are saved to the root directory:


  • data.bin
  • comine.exe
  • ~tmp.dat

A clear sign that your computer is infected with DropDrans is the presence of each of these files on your machine.
Microsoft detects the threat as TrojanDownloader:Win32/Dropdrans.A.

How to Remove DropDrans from Your Computer?

It is possible that there is malware on your machine that prevents antivirus programs from executing. Follow the steps below in order to gain access to the Web and download a reputable anti-malware tool.

Step One: Alternative Browser

Malware may modify the settings of your browser or disable it completely. In case you have problems with the browser you are currently using, open a different one instead.

Step Two: Removable Media

Download an anti-malware program on another PC, copy it to a CD, DVD, USB flash drive or a removable media of your choice. Install the AV program on the infected computer.

Step Three: Start Windows in Safe Mode
1. Remove all CDs and DVDs, and then Restart your PC from the “Start” menu.
2. Select one of the two options provided below:

For PCs with a single operating system: Press “F8” repeatedly after the first boot screen shows up during the restart of your computer. In case the Windows logo appears on the screen, you have to repeat the same task again.

For PCs with multiple operating systems: Тhe arrow keys will help you select the operating system you prefer to start in Safe Mode. Press “F8” just as described for a single operating system.

3. As the “Advanced Boot Options” screen appears, select the Safe Mode option you want using the arrow keys. As you make your selection, press “Enter“.
4. Log on to your computer using your administrator account

While your computer is in Safe Mode, the words “Safe Mode” will appear in all four corners of your screen.

Step Four: Remove DropDrans automatically with Spy Hunter Malware – Removal Tool


Spy Hunter FREE scanner will only detect the threat. If you want the threat to be automatically removed, you need to purchase the full version of the malware tool. Find Out More About SpyHunter Anti-Malware Tool

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