Remove PowerTrick Trojan From Your PC

Remove PowerTrick Trojan From Your PC

PowerTrick Trojan imageWhat is PowerTrick? How to remove PowerTrick Trojan from your PC or Mac?

The PowerTrick Trojan is a backdoor that is deployed by the TrickBot Trojan which aims to hijack sensitive information, manipulate infected computers and be used for various crimes. An active attack campaign is being directed against high-profile targets. It is a PowerShell-based threat which will launch many different components upon infection .Read our article to learn what the PowerTrick Trojan is capable of and to read instructions on safely removing active infection.

Threat Summary

NamePowerTrick Trojan
TypeTrojan Malware
Short DescriptionA very dangerous backdoor Trojan capable of overtaking control of the machines.
SymptomsThe victims may notice performance issues and can get infected with other malware.
Distribution MethodTrickBot infection campaigns.
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PowerTrick Trojan is a new backdoor release that is dropped by the infamous TrickBot malware. During the onset of this campaign the security analysts believe that the group behind is believed to be based in Russia. The current attack campaign in which the PowerTrick Trojan is being sent appears to target primarily high-profile companies. TrickBot is one of the most popular weapon used against whole computer networks as it has been updated over the years with newer functionality every time. It is designed to infiltrate networks using custom settings that are designed to overcome the security barriers of the end targets.

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The PowerTrick Trojan as the latest threat is dropped via the TrickBot infiltrations — they are usually done via social engineering techniques or direct vulnerability exploitation. This can vary between the attacks and will usually depend on the exact type of intended targets. By the name of the threat PowerTrick is a Powershell backdoor which will run a series of malicious tasks as soon as it is deployed on the system. It is designed to start the commands and then report back the result to the criminals in encoded form.

Thanks to the available analysis of the captured sample we can give further details on how the PowerTrick Trojan works. The first action will be to run a larger backdoor release, this step is known as the “first stage deployment”. This larger main module will start the hacker commands and run the related modules. Like other popular threats it includes a data harvesting component which is capable of hijacking data about the users themselves and their computers. This is particularly dangerous as it can be used for other crimes as well — blackmail, financial abuse and identity theft. The stolen data will be used to generate an unique ID associated with every computer.

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The PowerTrick Trojan will then execute the hacker-issued commands — they can range from different operating system changes to data manipulation.

The PowerTrick Trojan also includes compatibility modules showing that the hackers may have used the Metasploit hacking toolkit. This is one of the most popular solutions used for breaking into systems — it is loaded with exploits that correspond to weaknesses in the target networks.

The security analysts also detect the integration of a cleanup operation which is capable of removing identification strings that are related to the malicious code. This is done in order to hide the presence of the threat from administrators.

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PowerTrick Trojan-infected machines will also create scheduled tasks in the system by creating new entries in the Windows Registry. This makes it very hard to remove active infections. By allowing the hackers to remote control the systems a lot of dangerous consequences will take place. The hackers will be able to hijack files, stop running applications and also install other malware.

How to Remove PowerTrick Trojan

In order to fully remove PowerTrick from your computer system, we recommend that you follow the removal instructions underneath this article. If the first two manual removal steps do not seem to work and you still see PowerTrick or programs, related to it, we suggest what most security experts advise – to download and run a scan of your computer with a reputable anti-malware program. Downloading this software will not only save you some time, but will remove all of PowerTrick files and programs related to it and will protect your computer against such intrusive apps and malware in the future.


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