"Your Windows OS is damaged" Fake Pop-up (Scam) - How to Remove It

“Your Windows OS is damaged” Fake Pop-up (Scam) – How to Remove It

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If you see “Your Windows OS is Damaged” pop-up you will find out what it is from this article and how to remove it from your computer. “Your Windows OS is Damaged” pop-up is a fake message that will try to scare you into taking action.

A new suspicious pop-up, headed “Upgrade your Flash Player”. Has been reported by victims to introduce System Warning messages which pretend to come from Microsoft. The primary message, named “Your Windows OS is damaged” aims to scare the victim by claiming that the operating system running on the affected PC is under risk. However, you should be aware that this is a fake message which aims to get you to click on the “UPDATE” button in order to download hoax security software which does more harm than good. If you see the “Your Windows OS is damaged” on your web browser, recommendations are to immediately take actions towards removing the software causing those advertisements to appear on your PC, preferably by reading this article on how to do the removal.

Threat Summary

Name"Your Windows OS is damaged"
TypePotentially Unwanted Program
Short DescriptionDisplays a fake system warning, claiming that the victim’s operating system has been compromised to get him/her to download a fake antivirus software.
SymptomsMultiple advertisements from the same character. Slow performance of the victim’s computer. The pop-up Tab is named “Update Your Flash Player” to deceive the victim that the pop-up does not belong to the web page.
Distribution MethodVia bundled installers, fake setups or via other PUP that has already been installed on your PC.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by "Your Windows OS is damaged"


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“Your Windows OS is damaged” – How Did I Get It

The primary method by which this suspicious pop-up may have started appearing on your computer is if it has a potentially unwanted program installed on it. Such programs usually only pretend to be helpful to your computer, like optimize it’s speed and performance or display more relevant searchers. However, they do more harm than good and are often slithered along with other free programs you may have sought to download online. Such freeware is often programs, like drivers, media players and other often downloaded software.

It is not easy to detect the unwanted software causing the “Your Windows OS is damaged” pop-up to appear on your computer system. The unwanted program is usually concealed deep within the “Custom” or “Advanced” installation modes in the installation steps of a program you have voluntarily downloaded and installed, so we advise you to always check carefully what you install in the future, to prevent this from ocurring again, since not all antivirus programs detect intrusive programs, like the one causing the “Your Windows OS is damaged” pop-up to appear.

“Your Windows OS is damaged” Pop-up – Activity and Purpose

When the suspicious software, related to “Your Windows OS is damaged” pop-up is installed on your computer, it’s files may exist in various different Windows directories, including the %Program Files% one. In addition to this, the software may also create scheduled tasks that allow it to run automatically when you start your computer. It’s primary purpose is to display different forms of advertisements on your computer. Usually such PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) aim to display ads by heavily modifying your browser’s settings to show such advertised content, even if you have software, like AdBlock added. The advertisements displayed may vary but are primarily of the same type as the “Your Windows OS is damaged” pop-up, which looks like the following:

Judging by the text which is displayed by this pop-up, it immediately becomes evident that it aims to get you to download only what seems to be security software or an update, which is usually a fake helper program:

Your Windows OS is damaged
Your Windows version:
Note: Your current version of Windows Security infected with Viruses and other
malicious applications. Viruses must be removed in:
Important: Please click UPDATE button to install the latest version and
protect your data.

This message aims to induce fear in users who are inexperienced and believe the message is genuine. The end goal is to click on the UPDATE button which may pose different risks to the victim’s computer, such as:

  • Download fake helper programs whose primary purpose is to display fake detections of malware in order to get victims to pay for a licesed version of the program to remove “the detections”.
  • Infect the user with different malware, like Trojans, Ransomware and even cryptocurrency miner viruses.
  • Lead you to other pop-ups of similar nature, like Tech Support scams, for example.

Remove “Your Windows OS is damaged” Pop-up Completely from Your Computer

In order to remove this unwanted program from your computer, system we strongly suggest that you follow the removal instructions down below. They are specifically created in order to help you delete the “Your Windows OS is damaged” pop-up-causing software either manually or automatically. If manual removal does not seem to work for you or you lack experience in how to delete this unwanted software manually, experts advise to download an advanced anti-malware software which will automatically make sure that all unwanted software and malware that may currently be residing on your computer is gone and it becomes real-time protected against future threats and intrusive programs.

Delete "Your Windows OS is damaged" from Windows and Your Browser

1.Remove or Uninstall "Your Windows OS is damaged" in Windows
2.Remove "Your Windows OS is damaged" from Your Browser

Remove "Your Windows OS is damaged" automatically by downloading an advanced anti-malware program.

1. Remove "Your Windows OS is damaged" with SpyHunter Anti-Malware Tool
2. Back up your data to secure it against attacks related to "Your Windows OS is damaged" in the future
Optional: Using Alternative Anti-Malware Tools

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