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Denmark Professionals Targeted by Well-Written PacMan Ransomware

Another ransomware attack has been detected to invade the systems of Danish chiropractors. The ransomware is dubbed Pacman and spreads via email. The corrupted messages contain a link to Dropbox where Pacman is hidden. Researchers believe the malicious software’s author may be a Dane with excellent engineering knowledge – due to the perfect Danish language and overall sophisticated nature of the treat.

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Once activated, the malware starts locking any data that may seem important to the victim. The targeted information may consist of databases, images, documents. After it is encrypted, a ransom message is displayed on the screen saying that 24 hours are given to the person to pay a certain amount of money. If the money is not transferred within the given hours, the files no longer could be decrypted.Cinemax Video 1.9cV24.02

PacMan Ransomware Specifications

CSIS security experts have reached the conclusion that PacMan was developed in .NET and has keystroke logging functions. Keystroke logging or keylogging, is the deed of recording hence logging the keys hit on a keyboard, usually without the knowledge of the PC’s owner. Keylogging may be described as a way to monitor any user’s activities.
Pacman is also set to try continually to interfere with the operation of various Windows tools, such as Windows Backup, System Restore, and Task Manager.

The Man Behind PacMan

Experts believe that the cybercriminal may be a Dane. On one hand, the language used to perform the malicious activities is written in perfect Danish, and on the other, the targets seem to be carefully selected. Due to the attack’s refined character, security specialists defined it as a high risk, despite the narrow circle of targets.
In addition, PacMan’s code is marked as quite destructive, with the potential to be successful in many other professional areas. In order to secure their businesses, owners are advised to store all important data elsewhere, on external devices or in clouds. Another preservative option is not opening suspicious email attachments.

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