Remove Berbomthum Trojan Infections

Remove Berbomthum Trojan Infections

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The Berbomthum Trojan is a dangerous weapon used against both end users and companies mainly via software and service vulnerability exploits. It is believed that the criminals behind it are highly experienced. Our article gives an overview of its behavior according to the collected samples and available reports, also it may be helpful in attempting to remove the virus.

Threat Summary

NameBerbomthum Trojan
Short DescriptionThe Berbomthum Trojan is a computer virus that is designed to silently infiltrate computer systems.
SymptomsThe victims may not experience any apparent symptoms of infection.
Distribution MethodFreeware Installations, Bundled Packages, Scripts and others.
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Berbomthum Trojan – Distribution Methods

The Berbomthum Trojan is a distinct malware threat that has been found to use a different method of operation and distribution to most other examples of this kind. The collected samples are still under analysis and the exact methods of distribution are not known. So far there is not information about the number of infected hosts.

Berbomthum Trojan – Detailed Description

The Berbomthum Trojan is a distinct malware threat that has been found to use a different method of operation and distribution to most other examples of this kind. The collected samples are still under analysis and the exact methods of distribution are not known. So far there is not information about the number of infected hosts.

According to the analysis what is known so far about it is that it infects vulnerable machines via exploits. When a given device has been impacted by it, the virus will run its designated post-infection commands. The Trojan code contains a client instance that will establish a connection to the Twitter social network and certain hacker-controlled profiles. At a first glance the behavior seems to be interaction with certain images posted by these profiles. This may not mean much to the ordinary user or even security team. This was until the experts took a closer look at the images themselves. They were disguised as Internet memes however there was something else. The files had hidden code itself which were inserted via a process known as Steganography. The local client will download the target images and reveal the commands to be run.

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So far the Berbomthum Trojan has been found to create screenshots of the current user activity. The configuration of the malware downloads certain configuration from the Pastebin sites. The following commands are supported by the Trojan engine:

  • Screen Capture
  • Retrieve list of running processes
  • Capture clipboard content
  • Retrieve username from infected machine
  • Retrieve filenames from a predefined path such as (desktop, %AppData% etc.)

There are several typical use cases that can be used with the Berbomthum Trojan as a main tool. The first one is a directed spy campaign — the malware will be used to target a specific company or user and used to spy on their activities. By using the built-in capabilities the malicious actors behind the campaigns can use the collected data for identity theft and financial abuse.

Another distinct use case is the use of the Trojan as a stage dropper for other malware. Having already infiltrated the target devices, the infection engine can bypass the security software and services on the system. This will make it possible for the second threat to execute all of its commands without interruptions. A partial list of possible examples is the following:

  • Ransomware — These are among the most dangerous forms of malware that a user can encounter. They will identify sensitive user data according to a list of target file type extensions and process them with a powerful cipher. When this step is complete the users will be blackmailed into paying money for a “recovery and decryption” which they will never receive.
  • Cryptocurrency Miners — They can be inserted as modules, called via scripts or downloaded as stand-alone infections. Upon launching they will connect to a hacker-controlled server and download complex mathematical tasks. When they are run on the local machines all system resources may be utilize which will have a tremendous impact on the system stability. When one of the tasks is reported to the servers the malicious actors will receive income in the form of digital currency that will be wired directly to their wallets.
  • Browser Hijackers — The other popular threat which is delivered by such carriers is the browser hijacker. This type of threats represent malicious plugins made for the most popular web browsers. When they are run the users will be redirected to a hacker-controlled page and may also find that important settings will be changed.

The Trojan can communicate the collected information and output of the commands back to the malicious actors. Even though Twitter shut down the identified profiles associated it is possible that updated version of it may be created.

Remove Berbomthum Trojan Trojan

If your computer system got infected with the Berbomthum Trojan Trojan, you should have a bit of experience in removing malware. You should get rid of this Trojan as quickly as possible before it can have the chance to spread further and infect other computers. You should remove the Trojan and follow the step-by-step instructions guide provided below.

Note! Your computer system may be affected by Berbomthum Trojan and other threats.
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To remove Berbomthum Trojan follow these steps:

1. Boot Your PC In Safe Mode to isolate and remove Berbomthum Trojan files and objects
2. Find files created by Berbomthum Trojan on your PC

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