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Should I Remove StealRat from My PC

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StealRat is described as a backdoor Trojan that has been executing spam-related attacks. The Trojan infects users through malicious websites visits. The threat can be quite persistent since most traditional security protocols cannot detect it. Once contaminated, the victim’s computer becomes part of a botnet and may be exploited in various malicious ways.

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StealRat General Description and Distribution Method

As already mentioned, the most likely distribution method of Trojans is via malicious websites. Users get to such pages if they click a corrupted link or an ad-related banner/ pop-up window. Even though StealRat is not as sophisticated as other Trojans, it may be quite effective. Users may not even realize that they have a Trojan on their PCs because the threat lacks any apparent symptoms.

At first, StealRat appears to be a typical botnet Trojan, sneaking into your PC and connecting it to a remote server. The server provides the necessary data for the spam-related activities. Here comes the tricky part. Instead of initializing the attack from the victim’s PC, StealRat uses a hijacked website which then ‘recycles’ the information and sends it to another compromised website. The actual attack happens from there – after an email message template is added. Thanks to this long but efficient procedure, StealRat hides its tracks and is very hard to be detected and recognized.
As for the compromised web pages, they usually have a payload link and a spamming script. The payload link is often associated with pornographic or pharmaceutical pages. The spamming script is PHP-coded.
StealRat’s Consequences
Being hacked by a Trojan may lead to various outcomes. To name a few:

  • Private data corruption.
  • Money and identity theft.
  • Becoming part of a botnet operation.
  • Encrypting various files.
  • Cryptocurrency mining.
  • Industrial espionage.

StealRat Removal Manual

Due to all the malicious outcomes that StealRat infections may cause, it should be treated as a malicious threat. Despite its deceptive ways, a regularly updated anti-malware tool should be able to detect it and eventually remove it.
The best way to secure your computer from potential Trojan infiltration is repeatedly deleting spam and avoiding links that seem suspicious to you.


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