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JS/Banker.BA JavaScript Trojan Removal Manual

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TypeTrojan, JavaScript Trojan
Short DescriptionOnce on the system, the Trojan will try to obtain the user’s banking credentials.
SymptomsNotifications from the anti-virus program (if any).
Distribution MethodVia pirated software, p2p file transfer.
Detection toolDownload SpyHunter, to See If Your System Has Been Affected By JS/Banker.BA

JS/Banker.BA is classified as JavaScript Trojan that is currently attacking users and obtaining their banking credentials. What most probably happens is the user logs in his bank account with his password, and his anti-virus program (if any) displays a notification for JS/Banker.BA. In general, a JavaScript Trojan will try to intercept the communication between the victim’s computer and a particular banking website. The result of the interception is the theft of the user’s credentials and quite possibly – his money.ransomware-virus

JS/Banker.BA, JavaScript Trojan Distribution Technique

JS/Banker.BA and similar threats, as well as other variants of the Trojan, tend to disguise as various programs and games. In more severe cases, the threat may even fake anti-malware software that the user runs by choice. Of course, JS/Banker.BA may be spread via malicious email attachments, corrupted links and drive-by downloads. Other possible infiltration techniques may imply the usage of torrent clients and p2p connections. Pirated software is yet another way for Trojans to sneak into the system without being noticed.

Let’s sum up all the paths the Trojan can ‘follow’ back to the victim’s computer:

  • The software method – masquerading as a useful program the user will eventually run.
  • Corrupted email attachments, hyperlinks, websites – relying on the user’s negligence.
  • P2P file sharing, pirated software – the employment of peer-to-peer sharing by malware creators is not new to the IT security field.

Despite the fact that all of those risks are disclosed and widely known, users tend to forget how stealthy and cunning modern malware has become.

JS/Banker.BA Threat Evaluation and Removal

JS/Banker.BA may not be the most malicious and vicious Trojan but it definitely puts private credentials at risk. If the banking password is obtained by the criminals, the user may use all of his money. Furthermore, the Trojan may not be alone – other malware may also have entered the system. Using professional help to clean the system is most likely acquires, cases of expert users put aside.

Feel free to refer to the removal steps given below. You should remove all CDs and DVDs, restart the system and run it in Safe Mode. If you don’t have an anti-virus software, it is better to install one on a clean PC and use a USB drive to install it on the infected one.


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