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Ransomware for Android Enables Microphone to Listen

Researchers over at Symantec Security have detected a ransomware type of infection for Android devices. What is different in this particular situation is that this Android malware also detected as Android.Lockdroid.E is able to turn on the microphone of the infected devices to listen into what is spoken. Malware researchers at Symantec have discovered that the virus uses the voice of the victim for unlocking, more specifically a specific pronunciation has to be made to unlock the device, but this happens after paying the ransom and getting an unlock code in return.

Similar to other Android ransom infections once the Android.Lockdroid.E causes an infection, the virus displays a ransom note, written entirely in Chinese. The note also has instant messaging services via an anonymous app. This service is used to communicate with the cyber-criminals behind Android.Lockdroid.E and hence learn how to pay a ransom fee to get access to your device back.

This Android ransomware also takes advantage of multiple APIs, according to Symanted and these are utilized to recognize the unlock code.

Another thing used by this virus is a relevant image for the lockscreen, containing additional objects for refining. The bad news is that different unlock passcode is being used for each infection, but the passcodes may be located within the code of the infection, however they often consist of different symbols.

This particular ransomware infection is proof that ransomware is continuing it’s ever-evolving process and crooks continue to experiment with different malware variants. Users need to know how to get rid of this infection and try to get their files back, but most importantly, it is crucial to know how to protect yourself:

  • Keep your programs updated.
  • Do not download privacy invasive apps or use app protection software.
  • Back up your files.

In case you have been infected by this ransomware and want to try and clean your phone, we have several options below on how to reset your device. However, it is important to make sure that all your data is backed up before doing anything.

1. Back up the data on your device
2. Hard-reset your device and remove Ransomware
3. Restore missing or corrupt files using special file restoration software

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