Webmine.pro JavaScript Miner “Virus” – How to Detect + Remove It

Webmine.pro JavaScript Miner “Virus” – How to Detect + Remove It

This article aims to help you by showing you how to detect and remove the Webmine.pro Miner “Virus” from your computer.

New variant of CryptoCurrency miner has been detected by malware researchers. The miner malware aims to use the important resources of your computer, more specifically your Central Processor (CPU) or Video Card (GPU) in order to generate cryptocurrency tokens at your expense. In addition to this, the Webmine.pro miner may also perform series of other unwanted activities, including collecting your information, updating itself and others. If you see elevated usage from the Task Manager processes of Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer, it is likely that you have a variant of Webmine.pro on your computer, running actively. If so, we recommend that you read this article in order to learn how to detect Webmine.pro on your PC and remove it successfully.

Threat Summary

TypeCryptoCurrency Miner PUP
Short DescriptionThe program may introduce browser redirects which aim to mine for CryptoCurrencies via JavaScript.
SymptomsElevated CPU and GPU usage. Slow computer performance. Suspicious browser extension. Browser redirects.
Distribution MethodVia bundled installers, fake setups or via other PUP that has already been installed on your PC.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Webmine.pro


Malware Removal Tool

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Webmine.pro – How Does It Infect

In order to infect your computer, this cryptocurrency miner may utilize a variety of non-malicious as well as malicious methods. The non-malicious methods by which this cryptocurrency miner could enter your computer system often include the following:

  • Visiting a website which introduces the JavaScript miner on your computer.
  • Having a potentially unwnated program which causes redirects to mining websites with the JavaScript.
  • Having the miner embedded to a program which interracts with your web browser, like an extension, for instance.

The malicious methods by which your computer could have the Webmine.pro are more important to look for and they are several:

  • If you have opened a JavaScript file via a spam e-mail which infected your PC with malware.
  • If your PC was previously infected by a Trojan Horse.

Webmine.pro – More Information + Activity Report

Once Webmine.pro is active on your computer, it may immediately begin to elevate the process of your web broswer, running on your Task Manager. This is due to the fact that the JavaScript that is being used by Webmine.pro has been created to utilize your web browser, since it cannot be detected or flagged as a malicious process by conventional antivurus programs.

The mining process is conducted in a very specific manner. The script first connects your IP address to a mining pool in which there are many computers that are actively performing the so-called hashing.

This process includes using your ALU (Arithmetic-Logical Unit) of your GPU and CPU in order to perform complex mathematical operations. This procedure results in cryptocurrency tokens (for example Moneros or BitCoins) to be generated. However, what Webmine.pro also does is link your computer the the cryptocurrency wallet of the cyber-criminals, which also means that these tokens go the wallets of the crook, who has created Webmine.pro, instead of you. If you want to know more about mining, you can also check the related article on how it works down below:

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In addition to being a simple miner, the Webmine.pro may also have a malicious character as well, meaning that this cryptocurrency miner may include malicious JavaScript code that can have the capability to:

  • Obtain the saved passwords on your web browser.
  • Add browser extensions directly on your computer.
  • Download malware, like Trojans or JavaScript RATS directly on your computer system.

Furthermore, there are other dangerous of which you should be aware as well. If the digital currency miner remains for longer periods of time while undetected on your computer, it may break the hardware components of your PC. This is because the life of a CPU or GPU is being reduced as it’s usage time and percentage increases.

In addition to this, you should also be aware, that there are organizations which create cryptocurrency mining pools by installing bundled programs to unsuspecting users’ computers. Such programs perform the calculations without your consent. One such example is Vnlgp Miner which directly generates a website to which the user is silently connected during the web browsing process and this results in the software essentially stealing your resources without you even knowing it. And what is worse about it is that most organizations so far do not mind using such services and mining pools as long as they get the job done and mine for crypto and they do not ask questions on how the mining process is conducted. These are the main reasons why the removal of Webmine.pro is highly reccomended.

How to Remove Webmine.pro from Your Browser and PC

In order to remove this unwanted crypto mining program, it is strongly reccomended that you follow the removal instructions for Webmine.pro down below. In the event that you feel uncertain that you will be able to remove Webmine.pro manually from your computer system and the malware or unwanted software that may be related to it, experts advise using a more automatic approach. Such is to download an advanced anti-malware software, which can remove all of the intrusive objects on your computer and protect it at a click of a button.

Delete Webmine.pro from Windows and Your Browser

1.Remove or Uninstall Webmine.pro in Windows
2.Remove Webmine.pro from Your Browser

Remove Webmine.pro automatically by downloading an advanced anti-malware program.

1. Remove Webmine.pro with SpyHunter Anti-Malware Tool
2. Back up your data to secure it against attacks related to Webmine.pro in the future
Optional: Using Alternative Anti-Malware Tools

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