Belombrea Virus Android

What Is Belombrea Android Virus

An Android virus redirect called Belombrea has been discovered to obtain all kinds of user data along with login details and root tools. The designers of this virus redirect have made it to work mostly as fraud redirect offering lots of lucrative chances for the cyber-criminals that are going to be utilizing it. Clients are highly suggested to read this write-up and also find out exactly how to safeguard themselves from this Android OS scam redirect.

Belombrea Virus Android

The criminals who manage this redirect have really masterfully though out the procedure of infecting Android devices with it. Among the approaches they use is to download a major application that is legitimate and along with strip it’s code down to include a destructive virus script in it. After that, they re-upload the transformed malicious application with another name primarily on third-party sites.

Because such sites do not have the way to push the app, the crooks might additionally connect these sites as well as promote the malicious web links that could create the download of such applications. This can take place in a number of ways, among which is Facebook spam that markets the application, just like My Secret Video Facebook malware does.

After the application is mounted on the device, the scam redirect then might link to numerous third-party internet websites as well as download and install the complete version of the Belombrea Android redirect.

Belombrea Android Virus Summary

TypeAdware/Redirect for Android
Short DescriptionA redirect pop-up that aims to cause redirects on your browser and your Android device.
SymptomsVarious types of pop-ups may start appearing on your Android device.
Distribution MethodVia adware apps or adware components on Android.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by malware


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Belombrea Virus Android Summary

The Belombrea Android malware is specifically good in it’s activities. One task it may run is that it could run together with the phony application which works as a downloader. After the application downloads the damaging app files, which are encrypted for obfuscation, it decrypts them on the affected Android and activates them.

Then, the harmful application could additionally download as well as set up updates to itself, adding new functions to its presently existing ones. And the presently existing functions are a lot, they plus the updates, give Belobrea the following functions:

  • Controlling the phone’s calls.
  • Complete control of the SMS messages.
  • Performing checks for financial apps and account funds balance in the phone.
  • Acquiring the phone’s contacts.
  • Causing redirects to multiple websites including Belombrea’s website.
  • Interacting with the malicious web server from which files are downloaded and installed.
  • Turning off and also switching off a device.
  • Running tasks that gather password as well as username info for various apps and accounts.

Besides those countless functions, this malware similarly has the ability of rooting the phone, implying that the cyber-criminals may have accessibility to even more activities, which is bad news for victims. This, besides providing complete control to the phone’s apps, software program, as well as tools, it furthermore may allow the hackers to steal all the info they desire to and additionally add it in their database of hacked devices.

How to Eliminate Belombrea Virus Android Android Scam Redirect

The Belombrea Virus Android fraud redirect is an extremely unsafe application and the crooks that developed it are particularly creative. One reason is that they have in fact been successful in efficiently concentrating on Android devices and financial apps. This is because mobile payment use is ending up being much more consistent than ever before. All consumers that make use of mobile payment methods and have set up applications from dubious third-party sites ought to protect their phone by hard resetting it, which can be swiftly done if you stick to the instructions hereafter article. Then, security experts strongly recommend that a check is performed to see if other apps on your phone abuse it’s privacy and track your information illegally, just like Belombrea virus.


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